Yavana’s Signature GFC Protocol:

Yavana Aesthetics Clinic provides India’s first novel “Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC)” therapy for hair loss, an indigenous approach to repair hair loss within a comparatively shorter period of just three to six months (results get visible within three months)! Our GFC protocol is well-defined, specific and revolves around three steps.

  1. Extracting and processing in clinic growth factors specific for hair loss to enhance hair regrowth.
  2. Delivering desired amount of growth factors to target the affected areas directly and prevent future areas of hairloss.
  3. Monitoring patient’s progress by regular followup with Dr Madhuri and senior doctor

Difference between Yavana’s Signature GFC & Traditional PRP

Yavana’s Signature GFC :

  • Growth factors HIGHLY SPECIFIC to treat hair loss are used.
  • Consistent everytime for every patient when it comes to releasing growth factors specific for hair loss.
  • Results can be achieved anywhere from three months to six months!

Traditional PRP :

  • In Traditional PRP variable and non specific growth factors from platelets for treating hair regrowth.
  • Inconsistent and unpredicatble results
  • Results may take longer and differ from patient to patient.

I had lot of hair shedding...was happy with the way my hair loss issue was helped me reduce my anxiety about the same..

Sangeeta Rele